Space Saving Joinery for Residential and Commercial

Space Saving Joinery for Residential and Commercial
April 19, 2017 graham
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Space Saving Joinery

Homeowners, architects, interior designers and builders look to JoineryOne for space saving joinery solutions.

Of course inner city terraces, apartments and smaller family homes spring to mind when you think about the need for space saving joinery, but it may surprise you to know we also regularly provide space saving custom joinery for large homes on Sydney’s North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and the leafy Northern Suburbs.

Well-designed custom built-in cabinetry and joinery by its very nature has space saving elements. Perfectly sized and fitted to the dimensions of the room and to those ‘problem’ items you need to store. We find this is particularly the case for dual-purpose rooms such as study/guest rooms or lounge/dining room.

Cantilever built-in shelving

Cantilever built-in shelving occupies minimal space and visually creates space due to absence of visible brackets or side panels of traditional bookshelves. As featured in Riverview study/guestroom

Recessed handles

Recessed handles are a simple touch adding a world of difference to the visual impact of the room and usable space for small and compact rooms such as bathrooms, en suites and guest/study room. As featured in Riverview study/guestroom

These are also extremely popular in kitchens to provide a contemporary streamlined look.

Drawers in Kitchens

Drawers are increasingly featured as space saving solutions within contemporary custom made kitchens.

A plethora of smart space saving joinery solutions are available including custom drawers for:

  • pull out tea towel racks
  • large platters
  • wine bottles
  • cleaning equipment
  • spices
  • appliances
  • waste bins


  • corners drawers
  • sink cabinet drawers
  • drawers within the kickboard space
  • drawers holding entire crockery sets, which glide effortlessly open and closed

Streamline hallway cabinets

Linen presses and cabinets in hallways can often appear too prominent if not designed and installed well versus streamline joinery, which almost appears invisible seamlessly integrating with the walls etc.

Full width floor to ceiling hallway cabinets also provide maximum storage space and the all-important appearance of space.

Full wall width robes and cabinets

If you are looking for maximise storage and the sense of space within bedrooms, then full wall width floor to ceiling robes could be your answer – especially when custom made to perfectly fit the dimensions of the room and tailor made to suit your hanging and storage needs. As seen in Whole House Joinery Package Castle Hill

We designed and installed a variation of this theme, in an Alexandria inner city apartment, with overhead cupboards adjoining the built-in robe in a single bedroom.

Similarly, living rooms with full width bespoke cabinetry housing TV, digital devices and books feature ornamental pieces. This kind of joinery is transformational and truly beautiful – in large and small rooms.

Doors Designs

Sliding, bi-fold, pocket, flap, split flap, mirror and glass are all wonderful door designs that can add wonderfully to your storage solutions.

Integrated Fridge

Integrated fridges and other concealed items are a great space saving technique. Whitegoods are concealed behind joinery matching the rest of the room, providing seamless integration and sense of space.

JoineryOne uses this technique in many applications including kitchens, entertainment rooms, boardrooms and restaurant just to name a few, as seen in IMF boardroom.

Concealed TV

Large TVs concealed behind custom joinery creates a striking sense of space, particularly when doors finished with recessed handles and paint colour matching walls.

Premium quality hardware and runners allow concealed doors to operate on specialised runner with doors flush next to each other when closed and slide effortlessly in front of each other when open. Previously requiring unsightly floor tracks, this new system provides a seamless solution to an age-old problem.

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